Can I update my solution after claming certification

I claimed my JS certification but now i know i can do it better. Is there a way to claim certification with new solutions

If you submit the solutions again, your account will have the new solutions, and the new solutions will appear in your certification

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will the timeline change. Hello , am just curious, like if you complete it last year and submit again it this year . your certificate will show you completed it this year right .

No, the date of completion of the certification doesn’t change - it’s the date of when you claimed it, not when you submitted projects

ooh I see , I thought wrong .
thank you very much ilenia

Hope it’s ok to jump in here. I haven’t claimed my certification yet. Once I do, are people able to get links to the projects I have completed? What happens when the link I shared to the projects is no longer valid?

if the links are no longer valid, your certification may be revoked, the projects are there as proof of the work you did, with no projects the certification has no value

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Interesting. I’m surprised it works this way. The site checks the validity of the projects when it awards the cert, so I didn’t see the need to keep them active. My university degree still has value (well, if it ever had any) even though no one has access to my exams.

FreeCodeCamp is not an accredited institution, a lot of the projects are on the honor system, and the project links are now integral part of the certificate (viewing a cert will show project links).
If you delete the projects, how could someone checking your cert know you did them in fairness?


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