Can I upload the FCC logo to Wikimedia Commons?

I would like to put a downscaled version of this file:
on Wikimedia Commons so I can use it in the infobox of the newly created Wikipedia article about FCC.
Does anybody here know if it is legal to do so? If yes, which license should I use? I’m not at all familiar with the legal implications of using open-source assets outside of their original context.

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Check out FCC’s asset repository.

Please feel free to use these assets to promote Free Code Camp or your city’s campsite.

Though these assets are Creative Commons licensed, we’re trademarking the name “Free Code Camp” itself to prevent scammers from trying to impersonate our organization. If you have questions about this, email us and we’ll reply promptly: team at freecodecamp com.


Thanks for the quick reply! The article looks a lot nicer now.

I’ve uploaded a copy of the logo under its original license (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International) to Wikimedia Commons.