Can I use 2014 core i7 4th laptop for 2021 coding?

Hello.bI am starting to learn to code. Can anyone give me good laptop suggestions for coding?

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Core i7 4th gen is good for a start!
You can think about buying new laptop when you find out what speciality you want in the future.
Happy coding!


If it turn on, it’s enough for coding :wink:

It REALLY depends on what you are doing. When learning, you will work with simple functions which need virtually no power, so any machine is good.
Strong machines are needed if you use computational heavy tasks - like analyzing complex data (images, sound, video) or machine-learning tasks. Anything that can span billions of actual operations to do in the background.

But even reaching that level would take several months, if not years - assuming you want to go that way.


Good sound. Thank you

Personally, I find macOS easier to use than Windows for coding. I do web development mostly

If you want to do web development, it doesn’t really matter about the laptop/OS as long as it supports the newest browser versions.

For app/game development, you’ll want a decent/capable laptop and Windows might be better for that.


I imagine memory will prove more critical for you than your processor, which is plenty powerful enough. I’ve got a piece of junk which I used for a long time for day-to-day learning (Pentium N4200 retail laptop which once belonged to one of my children) and it’s absolutely fine for most coding (it has 8Gb of memory and a 1Tb hard drive) but is horribly slow otherwise.

I’m now at the stage of doing some more practical stuff with processing images i.e. conversion from jpeg to png or large format jpegs to small format thumbnails and that even gives my new Lenovo Legion 5, which has an AMD Ryzen 7 laptop with 16Gb, a 256Gb SSD and an Nvidia 1650Ti GPU, a bit of a test.

Yours would do it, but it might grind a bit without at least a decent amount of memory. Perhaps spend a bit of time going through all the stuff Windows launches in the background when your machine starts and disable things you really don’t need so you leave as much workable memory free. Get to 8Gb minimum memory if you don’t have it but it will probably be an SSD which will change your coding life.

Enjoy your journey!

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