Can I Use for Javascript? Help!

Hey, I am trying to find a website that tells me exactly what browsers certain JS code will work on.

Will it work on mobile, will it work on safari etc?
like Can I Use but for javascript, i see it has some on there but doesnt cover it all?

Also while im here ill ask what im after for now:
Can I use classList.toggle(“className”); on any browser, does it work on mobiles too?

I tend to find caniuse coverage is patchy. MDN often has better coverage for JavaScript, in its Browser compatibility sections. Example

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Perfect! - Found here

Is there an easy way to see the current version of all the browsers so you can see based on compaitibility if really old versions support it or if like number 7 is the newest version and probably not many people have it?

Googled it and found this:

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Perfect, thank you.
Maybe a future project would be to use some APIs and make an easy search by command website to check if its usable!

You might be interested in bookmarking this website:

Someone didnt read lol, already mentioned it in my original post.

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