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simple question: I just wanted to ask if I can use sveltekit/tailwindcss instead of react/bootstrap?

I have more experience with svelte and so on, and I will be cool to improve the quality of the project with a framework I am more familiar with.

I’ve seen that there is writed that you can use angular and vue, so this is why I am asking if I can use svelte.

and if yes, how I can do the tests in codepen?

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Technically, yes. The framework should really matter. But I do seem to remember having some issues with Svelte and one of the tests (I think it was the calc project).

As for an online editor, use StackBlitz or CodeSandbox. For hosting with SvelteKit I would use Vercel, for just Svelte/client-side only you can use any free static host provider (Netlify, Surge, GH pages).

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yeah, at the end, vercel was the best solution! you just need a github repo and two clicks and you done :slight_smile:

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