Can i use Vuejs with ES6 to resolve challenge

I wonder if am allowed to use a framework frontend like Vuejs to do the challenge? is that acceptable ?

Challenges? No. Projects? Yes. With projects you use your own tools and you host them yourself on any platform, therefore you have the liberty to pick libraries and frameworks. With simple challenges, they must be submitted in the challenge’s console, which makes it impossible to use external libraries and frameworks. Plus, the point is to learn pure JavaScript.

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thank you for quick response,
for instance can i use Vuejs for this challenge
since il will submit the code on CodePen ?

Yes you can. For clarity, what you’re referring to is a project. Challenges are those simpler ones where you submit an answer in the console.__

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Thank you again , may i ask another question ? i’d like to know when i submit a project ,Who will validate the project and decide if is accepted or not ? my goal is to achieve the freecodecamp frontend certification

The team members evaluate the projects. As long as you’re fulfilling the user stories you’ll pass the projects. They don’t need to look pretty - it’s not a design-based evaluation. And by design, I mean how it looks in general (colors, etc). It should be functional to an extent following reasonable user experience design. Good luck!