Can Iogin into my account with some additive emails?


In my account I added 2 additive emails
in Settings => Email Aliases :
But looks like I can not login into account with these emails?
If there is a way to login into my account with some additive emails?
Also could you please to clarify what means :

We can track commits from any email address not part of your Atlassian account

As I see in printscreen above ?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there
Here’s a link to there support page:

Thanks for the link!
But I did not find any answer to my question.
Also I do not see if I can ask my question there ?

It doesn’t look like aliases are used for login

Set email aliases

Your primary email alias is your Atlassian account email address. You use this email alias to log in and receive notifications from Bitbucket.

Email aliases are different from the email address that you use to log in to Bitbucket Cloud. They are additional email addresses that identify your account.

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so 1 account with 1 email for login ?