Can iPhones be unlocked with tools?

Few days ago I bough an iPhone 6 from eBay but is locked to AT&T.
I have contacted att support to request an unlock and they said I have to pay a fee.

So i’ve search for a free way to unlock my iPhone and I got on this page [link removed]. They said I can unlock my phone free of charge with “Unlocky” tool.

Of course, nothing happened when I tried to unlock my phone and they told me to take some surveys for the unlock code.

My question is: is there any kind of “tools” to unlock a phone without paying? How do AT&T unlock their customer’s devices?

Thank you.

Hi. Welcome to the forum. Just so you know, this is a community for people learning how to write code, not a general technology forum where this sort of question is likely to get answered.

But I happen to know a bit about this so here goes.

Communication protocols: There are a few different wireless communication protocols used by different networks. Some phones may only have been built to use one of them. This is less of an issue for newer phones, but if the phone you bought is older then it might not be able to “talk” to certain cell towers. It is also possible that the hardware is capable of using any protocol, but that other protocol types need to be turned on via firmware. When that is the case, the carrier specifically doesn’t need to be the one to do that. Apple probably could, or various cell phone repair/sales shops. All these people would probably charge a fee. In theory this could probably be done with your own computer, but the odds are good that anything claiming to be a free unlocking script is actually just going to give you a virus. The other thing that can happen is that a carrier like AT&T can use their own software to prevent a phone from connecting to another network if they were the one to originally sell the phone. A third party might or might not be able to remove that, but again there would be a fee anyway.

tldr: Make sure that the phone you bought can be used on the network that you want and then pay the unlocking fee. If the ebay listing didn’t tell you that it was locked to a network, you may want to consider requesting a return for not being as advertised.

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Not for an iPhone (unless you know someone who developed Pegasus).

Operators usually have either a list of unlock codes or a tool to generate such codes. That’s how “legit” services that sell you unlock codes get them - they have a person working for an operator who supply them.

thank you, @ArielLeslie, I guess I will return the phone back to the seller.
@jenovs that was my first thought when I saw that “tool”. I was thinking they have someone working for a network carrier.

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