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I cant 't pass the test of the .env file in Node and Express Basics because Replit does not allow me to create a .env file and it says to me “You can create environment variables via environment variables sidebar! (.env file are deprecated)”. Please help me.

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Challenge: Use the .env File

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Until recently you could create an .env file but replit has changed this and the freecodecamp instructions have not been updated yet.
So what you have to do is click on the lock icon where secrets are stored. There you can fill in key value pairs like PORT = 3000. This replaces the .env file.
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There is a note at the bottom of the challenge instructions:

Note: If you are using Replit, you cannot create a .env file. Instead, use the built-in SECRETS tab to add the variable.

If you are unsure how to use Replit, I encourage you to read Replit’s docs:

Hope this helps

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