Can not get certificates

Hi there,

Hope everybody is doing great. I have completed two sections of the curriculum, algorithm and data structures and Front End Libraries. Every time I click show certificate I got and error “This user needs to add their name to their account in order for others to be able to view their certification.” even though my name is there. I have tried to reset my name, go private then public again. Nothing seems to work. Please help. Thank you in advance


What is your FCC username?

My username is dskurbatov

When I look at your public account, it appears that you haven’t earned any certificates and if you have added your name, it is set to private. Is it possible that you have accidentally created multiple accounts?

It is weird. this is how it looks like on my end.

Yes, I think i did create couple accounts

I don’t know if there’s a multiple account issue, or a problem with saving your profile changes, or what.
You might need to create a GitHub Issue. Whenever reporting a bug, please check first that there isn’t already an issue for it and provide as much detail as possible.

I was able to fix it. It was a problem with updating my profile. I have two emails associated with my username. I had to log in through original email and update my username. Now I can get my certificates.

I’m glad you figured it out!