Can portfolio projects really make up for lack of professional experience?

So I have been looking around at wanted ads again. And everything seems to ask for professional experience. Is it even worth trying to make more independent projects to put on your portfolio, if the employers are only interested in professional experience?

There is no absolute, but employers are NOT only interested in professional experience. There are enough examples of companies hiring self-taught/bootcamp grads to prove it.

The alternative is to have no proof of your skills and gaps in your resume, which is much worse. There at least a chance a company will take your project experience at face value, there is absolutely no chance if you don’t have projects.

If you don’t want to make some independent projects you can also collaborate and/or contribute to open source projects. Add features to an existing, well know code base or debug an issue can be very valuable proof that you are fit for employeement

Ok, thanks. So there is hope.