Can Python be used in an effort to solve those I'm not a Robot things?

:wave:I’m new here.

I’m new to Python. I’m new to programming. I’m kinda just new.

But. I’ve seen bots that solve those captchas. I have no idea how its done, but it is done.

My question is… How is it done?

Captcha = completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart

It’s literally designed to NOT be solvable by a bot.
A bot to solve it would be worth a freaking fortune for all kinds of spam-networks.
So yeah, even if anyone would know how it’s done, telling you would defeat the purpose of knowing it.

I mean, if anyone but the maker would know what the “I am not a robot” button does, it would become obsolete. Hence it’s a well guarded secret.

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