Can seem to get codepen to link to an image on aws used as a background

Hi everybody, I’ve been working on this and searched the internet for answered but still can’t get it to work.

First, I tried to use imgur to host my image but found out that it doesn’t work with codepen and then I use AWS to host my images and was able to load an html file from my browser but couldn’t do the same for the file in codepen. Of course, I made the necessary changes to the file when I put it on codepen.

Thanks for your help.


I’m not sure why your image isn’t loading, however, another solution would be to convert the image using a site like:

Upload your image (it will be encoded automatically) and then copy the code in the box titled “CSS background Source”. You can include this code direct in your css file.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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You forgot to comment out that final bracket above the body selector, your css is invalid that’s why it isn’t loading.


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THanks, I got it to work.

Thanks so much, i got it to work.