Can someone check my links are working please?

My twitch challenge is mostly done (still areas that can be improved). I’m experiencing a problem when I click on a online stream, it’s suppose to open up the link in a new browser tab but on my system it opens a new tab with the right address but no content. I think the problem is with my chrome browser but I don’t know for sure unless someone confirms it.


I have seen other people having issues with this. I believe it is some kind of bug on Codepen’s side.

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i check your pen and it only loads the navbar without any content. The funny thing is i copy the URL to new tab and the content loaded.

then i check on my project as well and encounter similar problem, so yeah, it might be a bug from codepen

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Thanks. I’ll have to try a different way to open a url.

I found some info on the probelm but not quite a solution

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I changed the link to and it works so it maybe that twich is blocking it?