Can someone explain me this code?

Its been a long time since i was doing for loops. I forgot a few things. Now im doing JavaScript from w3schools and im curious about this code here at JS String methods where for loop is used.

Why did he create var text?
And can someone explain me" text += arr[i] + "<br>""part?

str = "Hello"
 arr = ["H", "e", "l", "l", "o"]
text ="H<br>e<br>l<br>l<br>o<br>"

The loop is used to add <br> after each character.

text += arr[i] + "<br>""
The variable text is a string and is incremented ( += ) each round by the value arr[i]<br>.
It means:
1 round:
text = H<br>
2 round:
text = H<br>e<br>
3 round
text = H<br>e<br>l<br>
4 round
text = H<br>e<br>l<br>l<br>
5 round
text = H<br>e<br>l<br>l<br>o<br>


Ok but why would he create empty string (var text)? Why wouldnt he use just already existing text of str (var str= “Hello”)?

The whole point of the exercise is to teach you how you could rebuild a new string from an array. The variable text must start as a blank string “” for the concatenation to work as desired.

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Ok thank you, i’ll do more for loops in the future once i reach it on w3schools. Then i will return back to freecodecamp and redo couple of simmilar challenges.

I reviewed the instructions, and actually the whole point of that exercise was just to teach you about the split method available for strings. If you just wanted to add a <br> after each letter of the original string, you could write:

var str = "Hello";
var text = "";
for (var i = 0; i < str.length; i++) {
    text += str[i] + "<br>"
document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = text;

You can reference a string’s index the same way you can an array, so the split was unnecessary, but apparently the lesson was less about changing the string and more about how to split a string into an array.

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Thank you very much for your help i really appreciate it. I know it was about showing us string methods only but i was very curious about loop being used and the way it worked there, i havent used for loops in a while.