Can someone explain me why my solution is not working

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It is nearly the same as the fcc solution but they used promises, mine uses async with try catch blocks,
thank you

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var findEditThenSave = async function(personId, done) {
  let foodToAdd = 'hamburger';

    let person = await Person.findById(personId)
    let newData = person.favoriteFoods.push(foodToAdd)
    let updated = await person.update(newData, {upsert: true })
    done(null, updated)
  } catch(err) {

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Challenge: Perform New Updates on a Document Using model.findOneAndUpdate()

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If you have an error thrown from try/catch, what is the error?

If you have no error, then append an explain to your query and compare against the explain received from the “thenable”(none await/async) solution.

How to use explain?
Like this:

const explain = await Character.find({ name: /Picard/ }).explain().
  then(res => res[0]);
// Object describing how MongoDB planned to execute the query
// Object containing stats about how MongoDB executed the query


If you deal with mongodb you have to use explain now and then same as you do have to use console.log if you deal with JavaScript.

Also could be the case that the test running your code may not be capable to transpile or know how to test around async/await.

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Welcome, mootarek.

Whilst what you have done does likely find, edit, and update the record, the whole point of the lesson is:

Perform New Updates on a Document Using model.findOneAndUpdate()


You should return the updated document.

So, you cannot expect the tests to pass, if you do not use the expected methods.

Hope this clarifies.

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yes, that clarifies a lot thank you so much.