Can someone explain React framework to me?

Thanks for the insight! Just a doubt though -

Even I have Java in my syllabus, but I wonder how you can relate that to React or Javascript :thinking: :thinking:

Java does not really relate to React or javascript but the concepts that i learnt through java helped in understanding things quickly.
I did not mean that java is important. I meant that I was not starting off with javascript as my first programming language. Thus i already knew things like arrays, lists, hashmaps, recursions etc. So what that means is if someone is starting off with javascript as a first programming language it will different for him/her to grasp the concepts of React or Angular.
I just wanted to clear things out.

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Thanks for clearing the doubt! :+1:

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Great advice! Thanks a lot :pray:. You really seem to have a wealth of information and experience. :face_with_monocle:

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