Can someone explain to me what would cause an individual to not get any help here or on the discord channel?

I noticed every time I post a question, I never get responses.

Can someone give me any tips on asking questions better to get help faster?

Unfortunately, since the projects you are working on are more advanced, fewer people know them well. Personally, I don’t know enough about Javascript libraries to feel comfortable helping with those projects.

I’m sure some people can help, but since there are fewer of them, the best thing you can do is bump your thread with additional information as you work.

ok well that makes sense. Thanks much for replying.

I will do that.

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Do you have a list of references to questions you can share? Will take a stab

I appreciate this majorly…

The last 1 was about the JS Calculator but after some time I managed to solve.

This one now is the 25 + 5 Clock

I did not get a chance to read your response earlier.

Waiting for the spam filter to release it back to the world

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