Can someone help me get the space(margin) to the left of my image out?


Can someone possibly help me out with what I am doing wrong as far as the padding/margin on the omage side of my tribute page? Those 10-15px of space between the image and the left end of the window is eating at me and I can’t figure out why it won’t adjust it when I use margin-left command…

any suggestions will be appreciated,
thank you


I think you handled that well.

Bootstrap doc says it should be possible with BS alpha 4, but I can’t make it work like that on your page.


Hey, thanks a lot Topzie. I got it to adjust with doing a negative margin-left of -15px but I haven’t explored how thats affecting my lay-out…will work on it some more once I get home tonight. How’s everything else look? Lame topic aside of course,was watiching Kalifornia last night and just decided to do this project on Pitt.


Bootstrap columns have 15px of padding and the version of bootstrap you are using has utility classes that let you modify the amount of padding. p-0 means 0 padding, so you could use that instead of adding a negative margin.

Your HTML would be like this instead:

<div class="col-lg-6 p-0">
  <img src="">

You’re off to a good start - try to let bootstrap do the work for you as you get more comfortable with HTML/CSS, otherwise, things can end up causing conflicts and getting complicated to debug :slight_smile: