Can someone help me to run the project by following these instructions

I m badly stuck . :frowning:

what have you tried so far, where do you get stuck, what error you get?

always give details when you need help, to get better help

I m trying to install and run Firefox nightly on WSL before running firefox-voice and it’s not working .

Actually my project Readme is saying that i need to setup Firefox Nightly on WSL but i don’t know how to download it on WSL . Hope you understand my point.

I am not able to help you, but even someone that would know this process would need to know where you are stuck, what errors you are getting, and stuff like that

Did you extract the tar file?

Are you launching Firefox from inside the folder you extracted it to?

exactly i m unable to find the tar file . How do i find it ? I download Firefox on windows .

We don’t really know what you know or don’t know, so it’s slightly difficult to help.

I don’t use Windows or WSL, but I do use Linux, and I would normally apt get the program on the command line in the Linux environment, rather than download and install manually. Do you know anything about installing programs on Ubuntu?