Can someone help me understand grids in Bootstrap?

I understand the basic premise of grids and rows. If you need to place objects side by side, it’s a good tool, but I can never get the objects to line up the way I want. Is there a good resource to help me understand this feature better? Or perhaps a better tool? This is driving me crazy.

When it comes to coding, I find it more often than not it’s my fault when things don’t work—and reading documentation helps, particularly in this case because, in my opinion, the Bootstrap Documentation is fantastic.

Read this first—start from How it works and then all the way through to Column resets (you can probably skip some of the examples in between for now though). If you follow the rules in How it works properly, you will likely get rid of a substantial amount of formatting issues that you have been having. After that you will likely want to learn how to use flexbox (it will solve a lot of your vertical alignment problems—flexbox does more than that, of course).

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:


The official documentation for bootstrap is actually really good. Googling something like “bootstrap grid explained” will also get you a lot of visual-heavy explanations.

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This is hugely helpful, thank you.