Can someone help me with The Landing Page project?

Itt says I have three errors which I don’t know how to solve right now since I’m still a newbie, I’ve been learning webdev in less than a month, so please be nice. I know my code is poorly written and that, there are parts that are confusing and redundant. I’m still working on it.

Here is my work:

I thought I did the submit button right, I don’t know which part is wrong. And I don’t know how to keep the navbar at the top of the viewport. Not even sure what it means. Please help, thanks all!

Edit: I only need help with two errors. I haven’t added media query yet because I forgot. Lol

After you run the test, you can click the “Test 13/16” and see details of why it failed.
Test 12 gives you the answer…
The #email input should have a name attribute : expected false to equal true

The other test explains it pretty well also…
The navbar should always be at the top of the viewport.

This means even as a user scrolls down, the navbar should remain in it’s top position of the viewport.