Can someone help me with the technical page

i wrote this here but i noticed that whenever i minimize the screen, the page isnt really responsive. is there a problem with code?
the test has requested i make the navbar fixed, which i did but its notmoving like tis should when i minimize the screen size.

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Just a quick look at your css - it seems you didnt use @media. This is what you probably need to make it responsive.

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Thanks. what I meant by more responsive is stopping the main content from moving behind the sidebar when the screen is reduced. whenever i reduce the screen, the main content shifts to the back of the page. I need help there.

I see you’ve added @media but its kinda empty. Within it you have to define the styles for the smaller screen. How do you want the page to change when its being viewed on a mobile for example: maybe you want the left margin of your main content to zero or maybe instead of fixed nav width you want it to be 100% etc

Thank you. its fixed. please check again and comment.

Yea looks like you got the gist. Thats how you use @media. Havent managed to look at your css but have you tried full page view of your codepen project on a smaller screen?