Can someone pleas explain me what is going on here, I need for the interview?

Post is deleted, for a reason

This is all pretty fundamental stuff as far as JavaScript is concerned, and it even contains comments explaining what’s happening at a high level (though the 2nd comment is a little inaccurate). If you can’t understand this code, you’re probably not ready to start applying for JavaScript-heavy jobs.

With that said, assuming it’s an “open-book” test, you can look up anything unfamiliar on MDN.

You could throw in some console.log statements and run the code to see what is happening at various places. This could help you understand the flow of the code.

Why the second comment is inaccurate?

@Geek-Killer If you expect members to answer your questions in the future, I suggest not deleting the original content of the topic. You have now created a topic which has replies which are meaningless.

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Dear Randell,

I flagged this post for moderators, so that they delete it. I do not have permission to delete the post, I didn’t have any other choice rather than leaving it obscure.

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Why did you need to delete it?