Can someone suggest a way for me to fix my navigation bar and contact form?

This is my portfolio I just built for the second freecodecamp project:

I couldn’t make the titles of the navigation bar in a row. In addition, How can I make the contact form fit nicely with the contact section? Thank you for your help!

Take out the bootstrap link in the Settings > CSS section and you should be set. For some reason Codepen’s defaulted to the alpha version 4 build of Bootstrap (CSS & JS) and it may cause issues. I didn’t read the docs but navs changed quite a bit; if you stay with bootstrap 4, probably the html classes for the navbar or items are different now from the way you have them.

It’s ok to be at the bleeding edge of changes, but it does make learning more difficult when you are trying to get help from the internet. I would go with version 3 (added manually to codepen, the way you did in your link to stylesheet) unless you’re specifically trying to learn bootstrap 4.