Can someone tell me how to solve this problem correctly using nested loop

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function filteredArray(arr, elem) {
  let newArr = [...arr];
  // Only change code below this line
  for(let i=0;i<arr.length;i++)
    for(let j=0;j<arr[i].length;j++){

  // Only change code above this line
  return newArr;

console.log(filteredArray([["trumpets", 2], ["flutes", 4], ["saxophones", 2]], 2) );```

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**Challenge:**  Iterate Through All an Array's Items Using For Loops

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would you be able to explain what the challenge is asking?

We have defined a function, filteredArray , which takes arr , a nested array, and elem as arguments, and returns a new array. elem represents an element that may or may not be present on one or more of the arrays nested within arr . Modify the function, using a for loop, to return a filtered version of the passed array such that any array nested within arr containing elem has been removed.

and if you check the output, what’s wrong with it?

Output is [ [ ‘flutes’, 4 ], [ ‘saxophones’, 2 ] ]

It should be [ [ ‘flutes’, 4 ]} only

Actually I know whats wrong with my code and why but I want to how to fix it using the same method of nested loops

it’s not the nested loops that’s the issue - it’s changing the array you are iterating on. splice changes the array, so the loop is jumping over some items

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