Can someone tell me what lessons do these projects need before I can solve them?

I want to slowly take these projects one by one while I am also taking the lessons and I’m already at the 17/56 lesson. Maybe someone can tell me what is the range of lessons pre-requisites of each project?

Arithmetic Formatter (e.g. Lesson 1 - 20)
Time Calculator (e.g. Lesson 1 - 30)
Budget App (e.g. Lesson 1 - 36)
Polygon Area Calculator (e.g. Lesson 1 - 40
Probability Calculator (e.g. Lesson 1 - 56)

the projects you listed are from the Scientific Computing with Python section of freeCodeCamp. In the same page, they also have the Python for Everybody course

If you start at the top with Python for Everybody an learn the python language basics given, then you will have everything you need to complete the projects.

edit: i just understood what you were asking after re-reading. You want to be told when you can tackle each project based on your current progress in the curriculum.

All I can say is that the first 2 probably require the first lessons up-to and excluding the lessons that start talking about Networking and OOP.

I’m not sure how much the other ones need but I think they need OOP.

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Thank you! That answers my question. Appreciate it!

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