Can someone tell me why the test is failing on this one?

Hi, I finished the landing page assignment but when I’m running the test it gives me an error about one of the nav-links not pointing to a corresponding element on the page… though, it seem to be correct to me. the link works when I test it, and the code seems correct as well.

Feel free to run the test on this pen and let me know what you think is wrong.

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Challenge: Build a Product Landing Page

Link to the challenge:

Same here,Run the test of 27th module of html and html5 basic is not working. Whole page hangs after clicking on the Run the test button

Doesn’t sound like the same problem but there is definitely something off with those tests sometimes. Good luck !

hi @morganflam

thats because you link it incorrect :
<a name="discography">&nbsp;</a>

please revisit about internal link :

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Hi @sobadrdb,

So I changed the name to id and now the test passes fine, so thank you. But the links were working without that so just one question. Is it bad practice to use name instead of id or is it acceptable ?

Thanks for your help, it’s precious :slight_smile:

for that im not sure, as i am a noob.

you can try to check your HTML codes through W3C validator for best practice structuring the HTML

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Thanks, that’s a good tip :slight_smile: