Can The Markdown Previewer Be Don Without React?

My project is not passing tests 8 & 9. The instructions are that we should study the Marked JS Documentation . However, I see that most people have implemented it with React. Is it possible to do it with JQuery and Marked?

Yes, React isn’t magical. Anything that can be done with React can be done with vanillaJS.

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You ask: Is it possible to do it with JQuery and Marked?

From the problem description.

You can use any mix of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap, SASS, React, Redux, and jQuery to complete this project. You should use a frontend framework (like React for example) because this section is about learning frontend frameworks.

Since it would be silly to use jQuery with React, the fact that it mentions JQ leads one to infer that React is optional. In the old curriculum this was explicitly a React project, but that doesn’t seem to be the case now. Both React and JQ are frontend libraries that manipulate the DOM and manage your view. But I would say that React is a more profitable skill - don’t default to JQ all the time, but do some projects in React - you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

…, is not passing tests 8 & 9

Those are both labeled as “OPTIONAL BONUS (you do not need to make this test pass)” - so don’t worry about them unless you want to.

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Thanks. I’ll look into into