Can this be completed using .filter first?

I already know the solution is as below:

var filteredList =>({ "title" : x.title , "rating" : x.rating}).filter(x=>x.rating>=8.0);

I am trying to implement a solution where .filter is used first, then .map is used.

var filteredList = watchList.filter(x=>x.imdbRating>=8.0).map((x)=>({




I know it returns 4 objects via console.log but I am not sure why this is not passing the test.

The imdbRating field is a string; you need to turn it into a float when you filter the array, using parseFloat. Secondly, it’s asking for the rating field in the final result, which should be x.rating.. (Whoops no, it wants the imdbRating field as the rating key after all. Talk about confusing)

They really should change the challenge text to be less confusing (mpaaRating perhaps).