Can we develop a taxi app using java script?

In my hometown, I’m a budding entrepreneur with a cab business that I’d want to develop to meet current market demands. It would be more expensive to create a mobile app for both iOS and Android. As a result, I resorted to Android to build my own taxi booking application. Is there anyone who can help me come up with a nice idea for it? Should I rely on ready-made mobile apps on the market?

I’m simply looking for the most basic essential features right now, with the goal of eventually updating my app solution to include additional critical functions and a more appealing user experience.

Wow what a great intention you have there,
I think it is possible to build your own uber app using javascript:

  1. Node.js as server,
  2. React Native for mobile app, React for web app,
  3. You can try socket for real time chat and real time position sharing (you know when the user is waiting, he will receive real time driver’s position), socket is one tech that enables program-to-program interaction,
  4. For geo location you can explore mapbox, you can also try google map but last time I check it was not free,

These are by no means the only stack, there are lot of options.

React Native will compile your JavaScript code into native mobile code (Android: Java, iOS, swift?). You can publish your mobile app freely via Expo for prototyping (you will get the link you can share for others to download the app). For production of course you want it to be in Google Play Store or iOS AppStore, but they are not free.

React Native and Expo have some limitations, compared to when you write in native code (Java/Swift) but I think for rapid prototyping it is enough.

Hope this help, init some curiosity.

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