Can we develop high quality video games with javascript and reactnative ?


I’m learning programmation, and I’m still a bit hesitant about which langage I should learn, because I am a complete beginner.

My goal is to be able to code productivity apps, such as calendars and task management tools. But I also want to develop video games, which requiere no imput lag at all.

Several friends told me I should learn javascript, however I’m worried that my games would not be as fluid or as effective as they would be if I would have code them in Swift… (for iOS off course).

So do you think that with javascript it is possible to make high quality games for iOS, as it would be with swift ?

Thank you

hello and welcome to fcc forum :slight_smile:

well, have you looked into react native made games or apps or perhaps their official documents to get more reassurance on this matter? in general they should be pretty similar (in dealing with performance and load tolerance and etc) unless you’re coding for some special sortta games (which i cant think of any :slight_smile: )!! happy searching :slight_smile:

You can try to use Unity. And you can also use the “Webview” and code your entire game in Javascript I think

It won’t make a huge amount of difference, just one language well first, JavaScript is fine. So is Swift. What is important initially is learning a programming language. Which language is not hugely important.

You are waaaaaaaay off that being any kind of an issue. ie have you programmed a few games and noticed this issue consistently cropping up?

What kind of games? What do you mean by high quality? Specifically just for iOS?

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