Can you be a Web Developer when you suck with numbers

Im an artist I love to design i would very much love to work with computers, but im a total garbage when it comes to math and crunching numbers should i become a web developer? if no, what other careers can you suggest?

What principals do you use when designing?

Honestly, it depends on what you want to develop. Do you have to be a human calculator to build a website? Nah. Does being able to work with numbers help? Totally, but it’s not the end all be all. In fact I think so far the most major thing I’ve had to calculate when using HTML/CSS is percentages when doing responsive design from scratch and honestly I’ll use a calculator sometimes anyway. And besides you’ve got awesome things like flexbox, css grid, and frameworks like bootstrap and foundation to do some heavy lifting for you when it comes to that stuff.

Now if you want to get into more complex programming you’re going to see more math. And I’m sure some languages are more math involved than others.

From what I’ve seen so far with something like Javascript, there’s a range. But what’s great about JS is it can do a lot of math already for you, though again it definitely helps to know why and how it’s doing it. You’ll start out though with simple concepts like adding, subtracting, multiplication and division. Then there’s things like checking if one value is greater than or less than another value. There’s also a lot of logic involved.

You might be really interested in DOM manipulation (which is a part of Javascript and jQuery) since you’re coming from a design background, because it’s all about working with the webpage’s design.

Again it really depends on what you’d like try doing. Is it build webpages? Applications? Video games?


When you want to be a programmer our webdesigner try to think like one. What can be done by a computer let it be done by a computer our think of a way to make it so. Can a computer do math? Yes it can. Are you going to save up many file one by one by hand? our are you going to make a batch? And let the computer do it for you.