Can you create and launch a website from codepen pro? Is this question so off the charts stupid it would be an embarrassing waste of time to answer or does no one know the answer?

I have been unable to find a service that would allow me to put images on my computer onto codepen not pro so I can practice. And why can you just insert an image from your computer into something like Wix?

yes, codepen pro let’s you deploy websites

storage space costs,you can do that because Wix gain money in some other way

you can also load images in codepen projects

If you just want to be able to add images to your freeCodeCamp projects, you can search for “free image hosting”.

I tried and it didn’t work. It was at the top of the list of the best free image hosting services. Several of them were out-of-business.

I don’t believe that Google photos provides a stable public link. You need to choose a service that specifically provides a URL that you can use on your project.

If you have CodePen Pro, they’ll host your assets for you. Though I can’t imagine why anyone would pay for CodePen Pro when there are superior alternatives like available for free

Thank you! I think this is going to be what I’m somewhat blindly seeking!

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