Can you critique my cat's blog?

Hi guys, I was wondering if you guys could provide some feedback for my cat’s blog. So far I like it but I’m wondering if you guys have any ideas of what I could improve or add to make it better. Thanks :smile:

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I really like your blog! Your cat is super cute.

I think it would nice if you stylized the comment buttons. Maybe they could be round orange buttons . It might entice people to want to leave a comment on the blog.

Happy coding!

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The home page is not centered on my screen.

The navigation seems odd being under the page heading. Maybe it’s just me. Also, I tried to click on the underlined text, because on the web underline usually means a link so it is confusing.

The blog says to follow on social media but none of the social media icons link to anything. Maybe you’ll build that out later?

Misha looks like a cool cat :smiley_cat:

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I think the underlining of an active page is great so I know which one. The social media icons on your first page are not active and when reading through Mishas 10th birthday the text for her 10 year picture is a bit hard to read being white and blending in!


I’ll check out an orange for the comment buttons and see how it works out. Thanks for the feedback and compliments!

I’ll fix the lettering on her 10 year picture. For the social media icons do you think it would be ok to just have them lead to the social media website?

Thanks for the feedback!

Could you tell me maybe the size of your screen? I’ll try another way of centering to see if it works and maybe even a media query too just in case.

I’ll look into more ideas for the navigation. You said that underline was confusing…would having the title of the page be less confusing without the line or would a different way of presenting the title would be better?

As for the social media icons, do you think maybe just having them link to the social media page would be ok? I would prefer not to have actual accounts of my cat online. I honestly only have one social media account, not too revealing, and post once every blue moon lol

Also, Misha thanks you for the compliment :smiley_cat:

IPad Pro 10.5”.

The underline on the nav is good. It was the underline on “In a galaxy…” that I tried to click on.

W3 schools recommends not underlining when it could be confused with a hyperlink.

“do you think maybe just having them link to the social media page would be ok?“

It depends on the purpose of the website. If it is just for demonstration purposes of design you don’t really need to link it to anything, but a link to the general website would show you know how to do that if you were using this to demonstrate skills a little beyond design. If it is something you’re putting out you want people to read and follow you probably shouldn’t say follow on social media and include the icons if the social media accounts don’t exist, otherwise people will expect to be linked to the social media.

I understand having a limited social media presence. I do too. So if it’s built for educational or demonstration purposes you don’t need to make real social media accounts.

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Will take into account what you said. Thank you!

I really liked your design! using sophisticated colors and design really stand out.
Having social media icons (even not working) a small home page in the beginning as well as the fonts and everything else have resulted in a nice and smooth UI/UX in my opinion.
The buttons work fine and overall HTML/CSS/JS of the webpage seems to be consistent.

As for the next step, I gotta say your home page design stands out compared to other parts of the app. The other pages could have give more of a generic vibe to the user I’d suggest putting more thought into them as what you really want them to show and see if you can change them.
You can also work on making the social media icons to work as others have mentioned. Or even see what you can add to the comment section of blog to make it more look like the websites out there.

Good job and again and I wish you luck :call_me_hand: