Can you give feedback about my Tribute Page?


I am so glad; I did one of my projects on FreeCodeCamp.

I built a tribute page for Lionel Messi, and I will like to hear feedback from professionals.

Here is the link to the project:

Waiting for your feedback on my project!

Globally it’s good but I’ve some suggestions if you accept them
-put " Lionel Messi" in H1 tag to make it more important
-reduce white space between " Lionel Messi" and <p> tag below it
I think it will be better.

Thanks Salim!

Don’t you think this will override the <title> tag?

I learnt h1 serves as the title, since I have set the title already, so I shouldn’t use again.

Can you convince me more?

I didn’t notice this. Thanks, I have fixed it!

the <title> tag is meta data (i.e information for browser).
and <h1> tag is a data for your visitor.

So don’t worry it will not override it because they are not the same.

you should use theme only once (one <h1> and one <title>) for each page.

I couldn’t agree with you more - Thanks!

You’ve explained it in the simplest way.

you’re welcome .
Good luck