Can you give me feedback on my portfolio?

I would love to hear your constructive critic on my portfolio.
Please feel free to point anything you think should be pointed.
Thanks !

Hey Abraham!

I love your portfolio page. I don’t have any input on the technicalities and layout of the page, I find it beautifully laid out and easy to navigate. However, I would encourage you to read through the text sections a couple of more times. I have found some spelling and grammatical issues, both on the webpage and your resume. Maybe have a native speaker help you look it over? I’m unfortunately not one myself.

Great looking page and good job!

I will take a look and fix those issues. Thanks a lot Lana :slight_smile:
Have a nice day !

What’s the goal of your portfolio?

If you want to get a job or freelance customers,
you should talk to normal people, not techies.

E.g. in the “Some of my Skills” section,
you should write something like “I can build easy-to-use, performant web sites with great corporate branding” instead of "Redux is a JavaScript library for managing application state. ".

Thanks Miku. I really didn’t know what text to put in there. I will think what can fit better in there.

Visually the site looks very good.

My only suggestion would be to line up the cards for recent projects horizontally on a large viewport. It’s a bit strange to scroll through these skinny cards on a big desktop monitor when everything else on your site is nice and responsive.

The other feedback I have is about your pdf CV - it looks very sloppy compared to your website, and gives the impression that it was made by a person who doesn’t care about design and attention to details. You could give it a huge upgrade just by making sure that things are not spaced unevenly. For example the last line of your Berlin job is spaced differently both vertically and horizontally than the two lines before it. For your Prototype project, one of the lines begins with a comma. And so on. The actual content of the CV could be worked on as well, for example framing things in terms of achievements.

Thanks . You are right, I had some problems with margins and spacing in the pdf. I will work on i

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