Can you give me some feedbacks for my porfolio?

This is my porfolio I have made so far
This is the first version of my porfolio so I think there will be a lot of points need to be fixed.
What can I do to make it better?

WOW! you have a really nice page. :smile:

Perhaps you can put location/city? And also if your willing to work remotely.

On the projects you’ve made below, perhaps mention a small paragraph about what you focused on when building that particular project, things you struggles, things you really learned because of them, and what you really like about them.

Overall though, looks really good

I first thought about doing that too, but when I consider that this is a porfolio, not a resume so I didn’t do that.
You think it will look better that way?

Very nice layout. Simple, clean, and has a nice flow. Good job :+1:

Two things I noticed for your page…

First, you’ll want to say “Here are* some project I have* made:” Tricky English, but if this is your professional portfolio, you’ll want it to be professional in whichever language you choose it to be in.

Last thing is a centering thing:

I noticed your social links on my phone are spaced a little more to the right.

Hope it helps!

Yes. I have noticed the social links are more to the right, and I’m trying to figure out why that happen.
Aside from that, is there anything you think I need to make it look better?

Hi Anh,

I like your design. It’s clean, simple, and attractive.

I have some suggestions for style. Add some feedback for links, whether they’re logos or text. For example, slightly changing the color when you hover over it.

Consider adding padding/margin to the bottom of the page.

You could also make your about me section bigger. Maybe put something different in your text. Most of us here are self-taught developers, so something unique to you would be great. Are you from Vietnam? Vietnam is a beautiful country with a unique culture, I think mentioning that would be cool.

I’d also consider adding a photo to the about me section. It’s nice to see a face on a portfolio page.

I cannot see the navbar anymore once I scroll past the hero section. If you know some JavaScript/jQuery you could have the navbar change color once you scroll past a certain point. If you don’t know JS yet that’s fine, you can always come back to it later and it’s easy to add.

Again great work keeping the design clean :slight_smile: .

Thank for your advice. I am thinking about adding something as footer because the bottom feel a bit empty. Do you have any advice for me about that?

How about moving your website links from your hero to the footer?

You can check out my portfolio as an example.