Can you guys check my resumen please?!

Hi People,

I just finished creating a new version for my Resume. Please leave your reviews.

I would be glad to hear everyone advice!

So you have a career gap, and right now, you are trying to switch careers in the tech industry or any industry?

I am not sure that is the format that most recruiters will look at, but if you are willing, please take a look at my design. I used myself, and it works 7 out of 10 until the interview process.

Because you have a career gap you you need about section.
About section is the place where you tell about you current professional situation and what project of any activities you are doing while on a career break
You can rearrange my resume into your suitable needs.
So you can start with About section, follow up with projects and professional experience, education, certification, skills

Hi @Admadary !

The main issue with your resume, as well as your github and linkedin profiles, is that there is not a lot of content to evaluate you for a job. freeCodeCamp News has a lot of articles on how to best structure your resume and what content to add to get recruiters and hiring managers interested in reading it.

I would also be more clear if you are going for web design jobs or developer jobs. For web design, you should have some sort of portfolio for your designs. Since you don’t have work experience outside of that 6 month period in 2016, you are going to have to show personal projects to demonstrate your development skills.

For your skills section, it appears like your listing off a whole bunch of skills to help take up space on the resume. But you haven’t demonstrated any of these skills on your resume. For example, you list HTML, CSS and JavaScript but don’t list any projects to evaluate your work. You also list leadership, project management, quality control, etc but you don’t have any experience outside of a 6 month job back in 2016.

You don’t want to just list a lot of buzz words or keywords for skills without providing any relevant experience, personal projects or significant open source contributions.

As for listing github on your resume, you haven’t been active for years, and the two projects you have on there aren’t deployed anywhere or have good descriptions as to what the projects are about. That can be seen as a red flag because it doesn’t show that you are really active as a developer and ready for a job. Same goes for your linkedin profile. You don’t really have a lot of information there to evaluate you as a candidate for dev or design jobs.

I would suggest spending the next year or so building up a portfolio of work so people can evaluate your skills and that will help add content to your resume.

Hope that helps!


Thank you, I graduated this spring and I decided to become a web designer or developer. I’m thankfull for showing me your resume template.

Thank You! This resume is like a first draft (if I can call it that). I working on projects and I do have some projects I worked before. I just finish my bachelor and I want to get into the this industry. Thank you for your time.

After there is more to add on your resume such as project and other achievement. You can head to YouTube channel and search for Jeffsu. Just search about Resume tips and LinkedIn tips. There is plenty video about it and I use it myself.

So, good luck on your process. Clapping for ya!