Can you guys check out my resume?!

I would be really glad to read your comments. Thank you!

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Hi @Admadary !

Here are my thoughts on your resume as well as linkedin and github.


Since you don’t have much developer work experience, your projects are going to be the star of your resume. Your GitHub activity is pretty low, and some potential employers and recruiters might look at that. Some might not care but others might and it could work against you. I would suggest keep building up projects and maybe finding some open source projects you can get involved with.


Your Linkedin profile could still use some more content. When you are trying to get that first job, any little bit helps.

I would suggest watching Danny Thompson’s Linkedin videos

Betances Group Corp:

I think you need to work on the project descriptions because it is not entirely clear what the project is about. It is important to remember that potential employers and recruiters will only spend 5-7 seconds on average per resume. You want to have a project description that clearly states what the project is about so they will want to check it further.

Also, there is a little bit of a horizontal scroll bar so you need to fix that responsive issue.
I would personally remove the loren ipsum text.

Arduino and JavaScript Project:

You have the same issue with the project description and project. I have no clue what this project is about. You need to provide some more description here. Also, the link leads to a 404 page, so that needs to be fixed.

The Canine Line

This project description is much better.
I don’t see where there is a shopping cart on the site.
I would work on making that clearer.

Run Like a G.U.R.L

This project look interesting and has a nice project description.
For me, I am having a hard time accessing the link so I would look into that.

Hope that helps and good luck :+1:


Your portfolio of projects looks too early stage to be honest,

When applying for jobs people tend to have something like a year’s worth of github activity, you only have two days on there…

I think focussing on learning rather than applying for jobs would be a better investment of your time at this moment.



Keep in mind I’m a very picky reviewer…

Just looking at the resume atm…

What do you do? I should look at your resume and tell instantly what you do? Why not a subtitle, “Web Developer” or “Web and WordPress Developer”.

Also, what type of job are you looking for? I would expect that to be the first thing, 1-3 sentences explaining what type of job. Don’t make them work for it. Don’t give them a scavenger hunt.

I think next should be the skills section. That is very important. Also I think it should be filled out. Keep in mind that the first layer of resume checks may be non-technical people. If they see on the list of requirements “REST APIs”, don’t assume that they will understand that you can do that. You want the key words there. You can’t get them all, but there have to be more things that you know besides those 5.

Your description, “Building a website in which Betance Group’s client can easily comprehend and request any kind of their series through the website”.

Sooooo much of that is redundant of obvious. “Building a website” - yeah, we know thats what web developers do. “Betance Group” - that’s already in the title. “through the website” - uh, yeah, duh.

I would simplify that. Maybe “Basic website for money transfer company.”

I’d simplify all those and maybe add info about the techs used.

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Wow, thank you. That would help me a lot with my projects section. I love picky people. I was talking to my friend about I was having problem with description on my resume, and you helped me a lot with your advice. Thanks again.

I just made that account cause I lost my first account on github. I was using my first college email but for some reason, I can’t log in.

Yeah, thank you. I try to fix some of my project descriptions thanks to you.

This is what I have for now, but I’ll keep working on it, while I finish another project I’m working on.
Thank you so much!