Can you help me know why i am passing empty post value with ajax to php

hello i have managed to sort the rest of problem i had one thing i dont understand is the object are stringed well with json.stringify(0 but it seems when i pass it through php file, but the response the come is this Notice : Undefined index: info in /opt/lampp/htdocs/nicol/php/includes/serverService/submitInvestment.php on line 10
not info

and copy of the php file i used to test if the object had been passed it as follows:

<?php if (isset($_GET[“info”])) { $investmentJSONObj = $_GET[“info”][“visibility”]; $investmentObj = json_decode($investmentJSONObj, true); // $visibility = $investmentJSONObj->visibility; echo ‘info’. $investmentObj; } else { print_r($_GET[“info”]); echo ‘not info’; } // //echo $visibility; ?>

could you help? i tried to google and i can see it to use same ways which i have already used but not working, tried using php empty( ) function on the passed post array but it seems it is empty as if no content is being passed… and same ajax function has just worked fine on other programs… can you advice…