Can You Help me with ES6?

Hello can you tell me what is the difference with this two?

this works fine

const filteredIntegers = arr.filter((arr) => arr % 1 == 0);
 const squaredIntegers = => Math.pow(arr,2));

this does nothing

const squaredIntegers = => Math.pow(arr.filter((arr) => arr % 1 == 0),2));

is there any way to simplify the first one? thank you.

You’re trying to square an array in the second one (Math.pow(filteredArray, 2)) which doesn’t make sense

arr.filter((n) => n % 1 == 0).map((n) => Math.pow(n,2));

And be careful what you call parameters: this

arr.filter((arr) => arr % 1 == 0);

Is really confusing. You have an array you’re calling arr that you are filtering. Then you’re calling every value in that array arr as well

I get it now hahaha
Thank you, sir.

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