Can you help me with tablet or Macbook?

Hello, I want to buy a tablet, but I also want to develop software and do visual and graphic editing on this tablet. In fact, I want to do everything comprehensively. I’m torn between a MacBook and an iPad Pro M2. My preference is actually to buy an iPad because it’s very practical in terms of charging and portability. However, my fear is that I might miss out on something if I buy an iPad. I don’t know how useful online software development editors are and whether they can do things comprehensively. Can you help me with this?

I would suggest that you ideally want fairly easy system access when programming, which you absolutely do not have on an iPad. eg terminal filesystem access, ability to install command line tools, etc. There are setups that people seem to have working, for example using a remote machine you code on (ie you connect to it and it runs VSCode or whatever, the tablet is then just basically a dumb terminal). But it seems extremely limiting. If you need a tablet, definitely get a tablet! If you are doing art on it and you need access to IOS-specific applications, eg Procreate, then an iPad is the only choice there. But don’t expect it to be a great software development platform; it’s likely to be extremely frustrating. For just learning basics in a language that doesn’t (for example) require compilation, eg JavaScript, sure. But as your needs go beyond that, it’s not likely to be fun