Can you please review my Code

I’m currently trying to create a simple react app using react, redux and firebase and for this project, I’m putting in extra effort to make the code readable and neat. Please if you can, kindly take a look at the source code. Click here to view on github
I’m open to suggestions on how to improve it.

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Live site
Thank you.


  • If you want to create production ready applications, react is not just enough, I recommend using next.js. It will add structure, speed, utility and a lot more to your application
  • You need to fix the styles as the homepage and navbar don’t have a nice contrast
  • Read guides on performance to get a 100 lighthouse score
  • Removing the background of the form will give a more great experience


  • Love the form
  • Love the image loader :star_struck:
  • Random image idea was great!
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Hi @uwemneku !

I have edited your post to include the live link.
You will probably get more responses this way.

In the future, try to include live links for your projects because most people will not have the time to read through a bunch of GitHub files.

Hope that helps!

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