Can You Review my Resume? Please

Hi People,

I just finished creating a new version for my Resume. Please leave your reviews

Also, don’t mind the image quality. It is because is a jpg.

I recommend adding a link to your online portfolio if you have one.

Hi, :slight_smile: aside other advices I would not put the Macdonald job there, you are not going to be a cashier on the side at your job, i think :wink: . I would organize the skills better

  • Languages: Javascript, CSS, HTML
  • CMS: Wordpress, …
  • Software: Adobe …
  • Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint

I do think havinf a professional photo is good. It makes you more personal. Some people say no, because companies get too attached to your looks - if the like you or not. But I think the chances are HR will spend more time on your CV, if they see your picture there. It makes you more personal.

I would also write a cover letter for the job, study the company culture and tell then in the lettter, how you are passionate and how you would fit into the company…

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Bro! Where is your projects link{super important}?
Please include Github link{super important}.
Whenever I hire some one I go through the projects they made and how they write there code . Rest no need for McDonald experience.
Also you can get rid of office and power point they are least important for dev jobs.

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  • Delete your address immediately, you only need to specify city & state at most
  • Work experience is generally best listed in reverse chronological
  • Parts of your resume need to be corrected for spelling & grammar, can be useful for that
  • Delete your references; those can always be supplied upon request
  • You might want to reformat to a single-column layout, as split-column layouts don’t scan well by Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Don’t put a photo on your resume as suggested by SimonB87, it’s not a common practice in the US—but do put one on your LinkedIn profile, which you should create if you don’t have one already
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Thank You, I will going to check the spelling right now. Also, thanks for the advice.

Thank You @NinjaAniket, I will add it.
Thank you

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Yes, thanks. I will do that.

Yes, the skill section was a little be disturbing for me. I think it just needs organization.

Hi Bryan thanks for submiting your resume, I’m a career coach for students at my university @ William Paterson University of New Jersey. I’m like 30 minutes from from New York City yay.

Here are suggestions:
+Remove the address, New York, NY or Manhattan, NY, or Brooklyn, NY will work fine.
+Remove the contact box. Your phone number and email should be placed below your address.
+Use a professional email, whenever I see a gmail, I immediately see an unprofessional email or a spammer and mostly like tech firms have it automatically sent to the spam box. Bonus points if you include your Linkedin.
+Your Education should be formatted, it looks messy.
+Seriously McDonalds? Lmao just seeing that just makes me laugh. I know that may sound hurtful, but employers are looking for people who have true passion in web development. Good experience is working with small businesses, colleges, and local non-profits helping them with their designs.
+For Intern/Experience, you need to have better description, it sounds like you were just tipping your toes in the water.
If you internship wasn’t helping you build experience, I suggest removing it.
+For Volunteer, if you are applying to a web development position and this volunteer experience has nothing to do, remove it.
+You need to organize your skills. You got great design skills. Also split your skills between Software skills and programming skills.
+For language skills, honestly you don’t need to add it. If you were working at a retail store like Mcdonalds or Ikea, your Spanish is an asset to them. When it comes to working in the Tech industry, there’s really no need to show it unless you are gonna work as Public Relations specialist.
+Remove references, honestly you won’t need it unless they ask.

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List projects as experience. Remove all unrelated experience. Categorize your skills, remove Dreamweaver. Reorganize your resume with new information. Put it up again :slight_smile:

My god, this is a legit review lol. Yes, I will take the address and the work experience. Don’t mind me, I took the first resume I made in high school to fill this one. In that time, my adviser told me it was a good idea to put any work experience. Thanks, I will fix that.

Yes, I was thinking about Dreamweaver. I don’t think anybody in the field uses it. Thank you.

I think it would be a good idea to drop the skills section entirely and change it to a “Projects” section that lists 2-3 projects you are really proud of and you think are relevant to the job (don’t be afraid to tailor it to the people you’re applying for) and provide links if you can or say available by request if it’s something you can’t share with just anyone, e.g. a school project. If the people you’re applying for are even half like my hiring manager, they won’t give a damn about you say you can do but what you show you can do. Also, be ready to demo these projects if and when they ask to see it in the interview. I’m torn on the GMail advice since it seems to make little sense to filter out the #1 email client, especially since your email isn’t a nickname or a username like XX_1337BunnyHugger (although I will admit that I read your email before your name and didn’t think “Suncar” was a last name.) I’m almost tempted to say keep the McD’s experience since the idea of working for someone who’d laugh at a person for working at McD’s makes me want to vomit; that being said, if you have something more relevant, put it there. Also, consider putting the start and end dates for your work experience.

I think the language you use in describe your work experience could use an overhaul; I’d start by getting rid of “I” at the start to get the actions you did at your work up front and remove anything between the verb and noun so it’s up front what you did at your experiences:

I redesigned their website…


Redesigned website for…

Also consider removing the qualifiers “some” and “asked”, I think they distract from what you’ve actually done; if you think it’s worth showing off, show it off.

I think that you’ve got a pretty strong foundation on this, you just need to clean it up and get people’s attention. Hope you have good luck and find a job you really enjoy.

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You have to tailor your CV towards the job you’re applying for.
If McDonald’s is the only work experience you have make it relevant. For instance, I’m aware that the fast food industry is very fast paced so you can say that you have experience working in a high pressure environment. Write your CV in third person, don’t use personal pronouns.

Instead of just listing skills, pick your important ones that relate to the job you’re applying to and expand on the points. Great you know how to use photoshop but give an example of how its relevant? Maybe you spend time using Photoshop to enhance business images for small clients around your local area?

Try putting some soft skills in there for example time management and then relate that to your work experience for example. I would keep the Experience and Intern under the same heading as just “Work Experience”.

Remove the references and just state available on request. Instead use this space as maybe an executive summary to emphasis on you as a professional.

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Don’t have much else to add to the above but with the References section- I’d just remove that entirely and not even put “Available on request”. It’s up to the interviewer or HR to ask for references… Many times they don’t ask for them until you’re further along in the interview process anyway.

Only reason I’d consider leaving the McDonald’s job there is to show that you’re employable and are doing something. You will likely be asked “What were you doing during this time/in 2016” (or whatever year). As others noted maybe try to find ways to relate that job to what you will be looking for.

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@vesltia As valid as most of your points are in regards to his resume the language you used when commenting on his work experience makes you look like a bully. I’m surprised no one else addressed it yet either. Don’t say things you yourself recognised as potentially hurtful and instead take a page out of @shab ‘s book and give him advice on how to spin his experience to his advantage. Things you said are sometimes all it takes to put a person off of asking for help ever again.

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