Can you review my resume

Hello Everyone,
My journey started here at . This evolved to me presenting at a Local MeetUp, the start of a thriving tech scene in the the Inland Empire and to employment at a web development bootcamp for Trilogy(part-time) . Now that my full time position is coming to an end, I will need to get another full time job . Will my resume suffice?

Get rid of the skills section on the right side. What does “Good” or “Very Good” mean? These are subjective and you should never try to classify yourself with subjective terms that someone else could interpret as “not worthy”. Let your projects (I don’t see links to GitHub or live projects but I should) tell the story of your skill set.

In the Freelance Web Developer job, give more details about the projects and link to the completed projects you worked on if possible.

Thanks @RandellDawson the link to GitHub is on the right side along with a link to my LinkedIn. Okay, it looks like I need to link projects to my resume though. I appreciate the feedback.

Your letter is too generic.
You write long lines, but don’t say anything meaningful.
You only write about “ME, ME, ME”,
instead of writing how you can help the company.

And don’t use empty phrases like and help [company] reach its goals.
Yeah, that’s why they hire you, no need to write that.