Can you spare a minute to feedback my survey page?

Hello coders,

Please feed me back on my survey page @

Thanks for the feedback.

For the starters, you can center the content on the page, add the background-color… play more with CSS. The page like it is now it’s not so visually appealing.

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OK thanks, I will do the adjustment

Edited Sir please review.

Quick question: How long have you been coding?

One thing I would suggest is stay away from strong colors. I personally always use faded/soft colors for backgrounds and even for text!

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I’m just a newbie and I don’t have adequate knowledge of color combination and layout

It seems you used white background, all through.

Really?.. I actually didn’t… I guess it didn’t show up for some reason… that sucks. Not sure how to change it right now so you can see the background.

Why don’t you use linear gradient to style your background?

I think it helps to bring mature color to the background. Have you tried it out?

On my computer I have an image as a background. Therefore its not showing white on my computer at all. For some reason you see that and I’m not sure why. Too bad

Do you know what?
Endeavor to check it out on a Mobile device to see how it works. Maybe you should add a media query.