Can you suggest a tutorial for me?

Hello everyone.
I was just wondering if anyone knows about JavaScript tutorials, anywhere on the web, where the person who does it, actually explains things.

What I am missing is in tutorials labelled as “for beginners” , to explain the why.
“simple” rock-paper-scissors game- we do this, then create that, and we need a function like this and that and I am just spinning.
I don’t understand the logic behind, he doesn’t explain why he does what he does so it becomes a mechanical coding along, which is a huge waste of time and very inefficient way to learn.

Does anyone know a tutorial where the presenter starts with pseudo-code and planning the coding steps?
It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Hey @eva.keller77!

I am not sure which videos you are referring to but you could try Brad Traversey’s tutorials. His explanations are easy to grasp for beginners in my opinion.

It might also help more if you have completed the javascript section on FCC. When the instructor does mention to use a function here or use the reduce method here then it will start to make more sense.

Hope that helps!

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Hi @eva.keller77
if you want to learn everything from start then use mdn documentation, they explain very well. You can find from here -

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Hi @eva.keller77 ,

Checkout this one
The Ultimate List of JavaScript Tutorials, Books, and Other Learning Resources

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Hello @eva.keller77

Here the list of JavaScript Tutorial videos from Free code camp

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