Can you take a look at my website front page and tell me your first impression of it?

Hi guys…

I was wondering if anyone would do this as a favour… I just want to know what’s your first impression when you look at my website (front page only). Like, are the colors clashing, is it messy, is it too busy, etc.

(it’s a cake website btw, so I don’t want it to look very digital. People come here to order wedding/party cakes.)

I would be so grateful and sure to offer my help if anyone has a similar request!~

(I would hire someone to do a full review once it’s complete of course.)

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From the color in my opinion looks a candy website. Front page is looking good in my opinion! Great design,

Hey! Great job! The colors really fit with the website’s theme and loved the logo! Keep it simple and we would like to see more of your work in the future!

Really cute logo, and great colours. Looking good so far!

Hi. You choose nice colors for the cake website. I’m not sure with blue one at the bottom because I have a feeling that it is the main part of your website but not a logo or a menu. But it is my feeling anyway.
And what if put the logo above the menu and make it smaller. People will come and see the logo first and think “Oh yes , I know them .” Next they are move to the menu and choose what they want to buy.
But it looks great anyway. Nice work.

Thanks for your input guys, I really do appreciate it :hugs::hugs::hugs:

The logo is excellent: the colours and design fit in very well with the theme of the website, which is cakes/baking, and the overall design is kept simple. I would suggest adding, on the front page, a basic flex-slider with your five best cakes. The gallery is separate of course, with the full range of products. I would also suggest adding some customer reviews to the front page; those are important so that people have an idea of the kind of service they will be receiving.

Another idea to consider is adding a shopping cart feature to the website, and even adding a range of products to the front page with the price and “Buy Now”, so that customers can purchase directly and have their orders delivered to them.

A simple slider to use would be something like this: