Can you test out this Pomodoro Timer?

Hope this runs properly for you as I tried to test for any bugs. This is my first time using jQuery and SASS.

If you find something off, whether with the functionaltiy or design, please let me know!

Cool design!

By clicking around I did not find any bugs.

I realized that you can’t change session/break value as long as the timer is running. That’s ok; probably you can visualize that somehow by graphically “disabling” the session/break-setter while timer is running, but it is not that important.

I like your styling. Looks really cool.

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Cool Timer. It worked well and smoothly, I was viewing on my mobile phone.

My comments:

  1. I tried to increase my break time while the timer was running but it was unresponsive unless you reset the timer. I don’t know if that’s how it’s supposed to run, but it would have been nice if I decide to increase my break while timer is running.

  2. The timer input could use a little more space because while trying to input the time by clicking the + sign, my finger blocked the whole input field and I could barely see the time as it changed.

Nice work…I hope to create one like this someday.

Yeah I did disable them on purpose. You make a great suggestion though to visually disable the buttons so that it’s evident they are disabled while the timer is running. Thanks for the feedback.

You make a great point! I didn’t even think of it until I read your comment so I checked it on mobile, and yeah there does need to be more space. Thanks for checking it out.

@codemamba Wow! That is a lot of Javascript code. You wrote more that 300 lines! I did not get to the Pomodoro Timer project yet. I am wondering what the instructions are like.

But I did make my own Pomodoro timer a few weeks ago on my own. View it here Pomodoro Focus

Here are a few things I noticed. This is my opinion.

  1. You have a lot of media queries but the size of the timer does not change. Why?
  2. You can make the timer bigger for desktops.

It is good that you disabled the buttons while the timer was running. You do not want to run two instances of setInterval at the same time. It makes the timer go haywire.

Great job on your project!

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